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Data protection

Most of what I'm about to write is already defined in GDPR. But our lawmakers think you are all a bit stupid so I am obligated to explain it again – in a comprehensible way, i.e. better than they manged themselves.

Personal data

You can use my website without providing any personal data and the site will not try to collect any.

If you are careless enough to send me an email, I will have some data about you: E.g. your email address, maybe your IP-address and potentially the name of your email client. Most certainly I will have the content of your mail – even as a digital file! If that puts too much psychological strain on you, please refrain from sending me emails.

Should I come into possession of any personal data about you, I promise not to share it with third parties unless forced at gunpoint or by law.

Information and deletion rights

In case you sent me personal data, you are welcome to ask me if I still have it. If I do, you have the right to ask me to delete it. In that case I'll do my best to get rid of this data. Upon request, I'll even try to forget you altogether.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

This site does not use cookies or any other means of user tracking or identification (e.g. tracking pixels).

However, the site is hosted by 1&1 ionos, who save a few things for their WebAnalytics tool – referrer (URL of referring site), requested file or URL, browser type and version, your OS, type of device, time and date of your visit and IP-address. Some of this ends up in their web statistics tool in aggregated/ anonymized form. According to 1&1, they do not share any of this with third parties. I do have access to this through their WebAnalytics tool but, frankly, I find it quite boring.

Law trolls

Lawyers who earn their money in part or entirely by annoying or suing small web site owners are prohibited from using this site.

General recommendations

The net is full of data hogs, today. Unfortunately, there is no perfect protection against this but you can do a few things to defend your privacy at least a little. Some browser-plugins help to keep ads, cookies, tracking and other impositions down a bit. Some suggestions:

  • Don't use Google Chrome
  • Turn off JavaScript in your browser
  • Use an ad-blocker like uBlock Origin
  • Try out privacy badger/possum
  • consider ghostery
  • refuse third-party cookies
  • delete all cookies regularly
  • Never allow flash content
  • Activate Do not track in your browser (although mostly ignored by sites)
  • Consider using TOR
  • Never share data online that you wouldn't feel comfortable giving to a stranger in the street.
  • Do not keep sensitive data on your phone or use it for sensitive transactions online. Smartphones are spying devices that happen to be useful for making calls.

If you have an Amazon Echo or a similar device at home, please forget what I said – your privacy is f---ed up beyond repair, anyway.

Use of my data

Any use of personal data about me or other people found on this website is prohibited – unless I gave you written permission or you have a different legal basis derived from the German DSGVO.

I and all people mentioned on this site veto the commercial use or sharing of our personal data.